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Industrial Relations Consultant Torquay

April 4, 2017

HR4Business offers a range of Industrial Relations services to clients in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula including Torquay. Services include project management of Enterprise Agreement negotiations including acting as a Bargaining Representative on behalf of the employer, responding to and managing all Fair Work Commission unfair dismissal applications and review of underpayment of wages claims. Out experienced...

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Geelong workplace mediation and investigation services

Performance Management Training Colac

March 8, 2017

HR4Business is able to assist organisations with professional advice in relation to reviewing, refining and implementing performance management systems and processes aimed at improving individual and organisational goals. Establishment of an effective performance management framework is highly likely to have significant benefits for a business, leading to a happier, more motivated and better performing employees....

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HR Compliance Audit Geelong

February 8, 2017

HR4Business deals with a high number of clients who are not confident interpreting all aspects of the modern Award applicable to their business. At HR4Business we are skilled in conducting an in depth HR Compliance Audit, which goes beyond simply checking what you are paying employees.  Our experienced Consultants are skilled in interpreting Modern Awards and...

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HR Training and Development Geelong

January 8, 2017

At HR4Business, our experienced Consultants, provide targeted and customised HR Training and Development programs covering a wide rage of topics including, but not limited to: Equal Opportunity Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Awareness Training for Employees Equal Opportunity Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Awareness Training for Managers Effective Management of Employee Performance – Training for People Managers...

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Outsourced HR Consultant Geelong

December 28, 2016

HR is a function which many organisations are outsourcing.  It can be complex with specialist knowledge required to ensure all relevant legislative requirements are met. Organisations are outsourcing HR and other functions such as IT to professional consultants with expert knowledge in their chosen discipline. This approach also removes the need for additional headcount on a full time...

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Geelong workplace mediation and investigation services

Recruitment and Selection Services Geelong

November 28, 2016

Recruiting for an additional position or replacing an existing position can be very time consuming and when a comprehensive approach is not taken the end result can be an expensive exercise.  HR4Business offers a comprehensive range of recruitment and selection services including end to end recruitment, advertising and shortlisting, reference checking, group interview sessions, position description review and...

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Industrial Relations Geelong

October 31, 2016

HR4Business assists small, medium and large business to manage industrial relations matters. This includes management of Enterprise Agreement negotiations, Unfair Dismissal and General Protections Applications and underpayment of wages claims via the Fair Work Commission or Fair  Work Ombudsman Office.  Our experienced Consultants have experience in navigating the current industrial relations framework which can be complex...

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Mental Health Awareness Training Geelong

September 29, 2016

In order to ensure employees are working at the expected level & acting in accordance with behavioural expectations supportive employers will provide training to employees.  This may include Leadership or HR Fundamentals Training, Management of Employee Performance Training, Mental Health Awareness Training, and Prevention of Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace Training.  HR4Business Consultants...

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HR Consultant Geelong

September 5, 2016

HR Policy and Procedures Geelong. The Fair Work Commission recently varied some Awards including, but not limited to the Clerks Private Sector Award 2010, General Retail Industry Award 2010, Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award 2010, Pastoral Award 2010 and Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 in relation to Annual Leave provisions...

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HR Consultant Rural Victoria

July 28, 2016

HR Consultant Rural Victoria HR4Business offer a comprehensive range of Human Resource Management Consultancy Services.  Our experienced consultants can assist with a wide range of services including, but not limited to, Development and implementation of Policies and Procedures, Training and Development, Recruitment and Selection services, Performance Management, Mediation and Investigations and HR Compliance Audits.  We currently...

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