Outsourcing Recruitment Services Geelong

August 6, 2013

Many businesses find recruitment challenging at the best of times.  It can be time consuming and in many cases, whilst the business may know what type of person they want to hire, they lack the skills required to effectively ‘recruit’ a suitable candidate.  This can mean costly hiring mistakes and a drain on your business and your team.

HR4Business offers recruitment consulting for businesses in Geelong and can assist with hiring staff i.e. compiling the job description, the advertisement, the interview guide and reference checking.

According to VACC*, research indicates that a high proportion of resumes includes misleading information, particularly overstating job responsibilities. A critical part of the hiring process is checking applicants’ references and validating job history and skill sets.  This can be a time consuming and difficult process and comes with a host of legal implications. Conducting a minimum of two work-related verbal reference checks spanning the candidates most recent five years of employment history, prior to an offer of employment, is considered best practice.

Reference checking is most effective when:

– conducted by a trained HR professional – someone who is skilled at asking open ended questions and probing for more details to identify gaps in information
– compliant with Australian privacy laws and conducted by someone who is impartial and has no vested interest in obtaining a positive result
– conducted with the most appropriate referee, not the most favourable referee i.e. a manager, or a person who has reported the candidate
– the reference process is consistent for all candidates thereby removing any possible allegations of inconsistency or discrimination.

Some businesses get to a point of shortlisting candidates and need to check references, and are again unsure of what is required other than simply asking if the ‘candidate’ is employable.  There are many factors which should be taken into account and should be considered, and again this is where someone independent can help.

HR4Business provides a service of conducting employment reference checks on your behalf which will free you up to continue running your busuiness.

Contact us to discuss reference checking or recruitment HR consultancy services in Geelong or for other HR Compliance Audit or Training and Development services.
*VACC – Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce