HR Consultant Warrnambool

January 30, 2014

Assess your HR risk before it’s too late…

How do you maintain compliance with ever changing and immeasurably complex workplace laws?

Most businesses regularly undertake an audit of their financial practises and policies to ensure they are on the right track to avoiding significant monetary and criminal penalties. With the plethora of ever changing and complex laws regarding the workplace, the same consideration must be taken in relation to an employers approach to all things people management and HR.

While many businesses are well-intentioned and beleive they are up to date with new federal, state and/or local statutes, often human resources guidelines established today are not always legally compliant tomorrow.

Not only is maintaining compliance time consuming – businesses usually don’t have the expertise internally to complete the assoicated work without assistance.

A HR4Business HR Compliance Audit is specifically designed to assess your current approach and identify actions to minimise your exposure and risk. Our team of highly trained consultants will undertake a comprehensive review of relevant records and documentaion relevant to HR and wages,  including policies and procedures to ensure all is compliant with the Fair Work Act 2009, National Employment Standards (NES) and the applicable Modern Award.

Whether your business employs 4 or 40 staff, a HR Compliance Audit is an essential component to maintaining a professional, proactive and compliant approach to Human Resource Management.

At HR4Business, HR Consultancy is our core discipline. We have the knowledge and required skills to deliver HR Compliance Audits in addition to a wide range of other services which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business in Warrnambool.

For a onfidential discussion with a HR Consultant Warrnambool, please contact HR4Business on 03 5222 6695.