HR Consultant Ballarat

February 12, 2014

Workplace Mediation Services Ballarat

Mediation is about achieving constructive and affirmative results for all parties involved.  The role of the mediator and the mediation process is to assist people to communicate with each other and to negotiate agreements that both parties are comfortable with.  There are convincing reasons to promote the wider use of mediation in individual employment disputes. The advantage of using HR4Business consultants is that we offer greater flexibility in how mediation is delivered to suit specific circumstances, and the confidentiality of the process can offer a secure space that promotes more open and honest discussion.

HR4Business Workplace Mediation Services Ballarat can be used as an early intervention tool which can prevent both sides from becoming entrenched, and the conflict turning into a full-blown dispute. If the disagreement is resolved early on, there is less chance of the working relationship breaking down irrecoverably. This improves the likelihood of maintaining good and productive employment relations in the longer term.

Mediation can provide a speedy response to conflict and has been shown to reduce levels of grievances and, where these would have led to a tribunal, it provides a far cheaper response than the employment tribunal process, which can involve immediate financial costs to the organisation and the individual claimant, as well as non-financial burdens.

At HR4Business, HR Consultancy is our core discipline. We have the knowledge and required skills to deliver professional mediation and investigation services in addition to a wide range of other services which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business in Ballarat.

For a confidential discussion with a HR Consultant Ballarat, please contact HR4Business on 03 5222 6695.