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February 17, 2014

Managing stress in the workplace

Unmanaged stress can have a negative impact upon workplaces, both individuals and the whole workplace. Therefore, stress should be managed by individuals for their own health and mental wellbeing as well as acknowledged and managed in the workplace.

Individuals can take ownership of their emotional and physical health by:

  • Exercising regularly: Exercise is proven to release happiness-inducing endorphins. It also helps to clear the mind, boost confidence and reduce stress.
  • Avoiding drugs, alcohol and excessive caffeine: All three can heighten anxiety making you feel more stressed at work and home. Try drinking herbal teas including green tea, fruit teas or even hot water with lemon instead of coffee.
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  • Getting enough sleep: When you’re tired you don’t perform at your best and this can make you feel more stressed.
  • Eating healthily: Do you crash and burn at around 3pm? Your diet could use a shake-up. Eat more whole foods such as nuts, cheese with wholemeal crackers, fruits and vegetables and less sugar and processed foods such as biscuits, white bread and muesli bars.
  • Talking to a partner, friend, family member, your boss or trusted work colleague: Don’t bottle things up, talk to someone you trust about any concerns you have at work. They may be able to help you identify ways to manage your stress.

You don’t have to be a major organisation to employ stress reduction methods. Any workplace can help to manage stress by taking care of their company culture.

Whether it is a weekly health tip sent to all staff via email, regular office meetings or after hours group exercise classes. If you are a senior staff member or a manager, have a “door always open” policy and try to make sure staff feel comfortable talking to you about issues they may be having in the workplace or at home.

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Outsourced HR services can help you take control of stress in the workplace. Our HR personnel service through to Ballarat. While living in the city might seem more stressful, living in regional or rural Victoria has it’s own set of stressors and each workplace is unique.

Utilise the many great resources online and seek further help where needed. The Australian Government JobAcess website has great information about managing mental health in your organisation.

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