HR Consultant Torquay

August 11, 2014

What do we mean by conflict in the workplace?

Conflict happens when personalities clash, when team members perceive interference from one another, when employees feel unable to progress due to another’s actions. Conflict involves an ongoing situation, unlike a dispute, which is a one-off incident.  If a dispute goes unresolved, it can cause a conflict situation. This state of affairs, if left unresolved, can escalate quickly and create a potentially dangerous workplace situation.

From Dispute to Discomfort, from Conflict to Crisis

Initially a dispute between one or more employees, without resolution, may cause an uncomfortable working  environment, characterised by gossip and rumour, an awkward atmosphere and non-cooperation between team members. This in turn can lead to further dispute in the form of arguments and complaints. At this point others may become involved and take sides. Incidents escalate and tension rises. This is now a conflict situation. The passing of blame becomes a formal complaint; employees are increasingly non-productive as all their energy is directed towards the conflict.

Without management intervention the conflict can readily approach crisis point. There may be strong clashes, highly emotional outbursts, shock resignations, verbal abuse, even threats of physical violence.  So how do we prevent
a crisis situation from happening in the first place?

HR4Business is pleased to announce a new one day training program entitled: “Management of Conflict and Difficult People”.  This training program has recently been added to our range of training options.   In addition to training we also provide services such as: Human Resource Management Consulting; HR and Payroll Compliance Auditing; Industrial Relations; Mediation and Investigation Services; Psychometric Testing and Recruitment.  For further information
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