Worplace Mediation and Investigation Services Geelong

October 28, 2014

Many employers face the issue of employees who, for one reason or another, are unable to productively in the workplace.

Dealing with an internal complaint can be an overwhelming issue for any business, taking valuable resources to understand what needs to be done to resolve the issue with care and fairness, but also swiftly, efficiently and with the least risk.

At times, as trained HR Consultants, we find throughout the mediation process that the issue is often linked back to a minor unresolved incident which has been left to fester between the parties.  We also often discover that as an independent person we gain more traction, working with both parties to resolve the issue than the internal manager may have. Also we can also assist to guide and coach employers to manage the situation post mediation.

HR4Business offers independent mediation services.  Our trained consultants work with both parties to achieve the best possible outcome for the individuals and the business at hand.  As part of our service offering, we provide the employer with a letter at the conclusion of the service outlining the key outcomes of the process, the commitments made by each party and any recommendations we feel  may assist with future management of personnel involved.

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