Managing Employee Performance

May 5, 2015

Managing employee performance is a constant stream of concern fro employer. Our experienced consultants tell us poor performance is one of most employers most common issues in the workplace. However most employers do not invest in training their managers to appropriatey manage employees from the outset of the employment relationship.

Spelling out expectations, both behavioural and in terms of the level of competency expected is essential for managers to faciliate to a conducive working relationship. In additon, arming managers with the tools and skills to embark into difficult conversations and to manage poor performance is key to success.

For advice on managing a difficult employee or to enquire about our training in Effective Management of Employee Performance, contact one of the experienced Consultants at HR4Business on 5222 6695 or visit We can assist on a number of levels including developing a strategy to manage long term difficult employees impacting negatively on your workplace.