Workplace Mediation and Investigation Services Warrnambool

October 31, 2017

HR4Business Consultants are experienced Mediators and Investigators in relation to workplace complaints, grievances and where a breakdown in the relationship occurs between employees, including management. Our expertise and experience extends to matters around bullying, harassment, discrimination.

It is imperative an employer remains impartial when it comes to resolution of a workplace complaint and therefore outsourcing to an Independent Investigator is an sound option.  We recommend an employer includes such an option in their policy / procedure relation to management of complaints related to pertaining to bullying, harassment, discrimination and issue resolution in general.  At HR4Business our knowledge pertaining to the related legislation including both employer and employee obligations is comprehensive and is crucial in relation to determining accurate findings.

Where a breakdown in a working relationship occurs between two individuals bringing in an impartial party, an Independent Mediator with experience related to workplace matters to mediate is very beneficial. Our approach includes identifying each parties key issues and of course those which the parties are able to “let go”.

We also offer clients use of our offices for the purpose of conducting meetings related to Mediation and Investigation Services.

For assistance and support in relation to Workplace Mediation and Investigations Services in Warrnambool contact one of our experienced Consultants on 03 5222 6695 or visit