Workplace Mediation Services Colac

August 20, 2020

HR4Business offers a range of meditation services aimed at assisting our clients to resolve long term and recently evolving issues between employees and between employees and their respective manager or supervisor. Our experience tells us that often individuals do not reflect as well as they could have regarding the status of a workplace relationship and in particular regarding what they could do to rebuilding the relationship.

The trained Mediators at HR4Business work with both parties to ascertain the key aspects of the issue at hand and in particular the components the parties can’t move past without assistance. We aim to ensure the process does not get bogged down with all the little things that are in reality, not that important when considering the bigger picture. What can each of the parties let go?  Our aim is to assist the parties to resolve the matter to the best of their ability through a supported process which may result in simply agreeing to disagree and setting established boundaries.

The current COVID-19 environment is putting extra pressure on employees which is resulting in increased tension for some people. If you need assistance to resolve a workplace issue by an independent person, contact HR4Business on 03 5222 6695 or visit