Employee Performance Management Support Geelong, Colac, Warrnambool, Ballarat

January 16, 2021

HR4Business Consultants are well placed to support employers with managing issues and concerns with employee performance. Issues with performance are not only related to an employees level of competency and skill but also with their behaviours and attitude.  Managing behavioural and attitudinal performance issues is significantly more difficult than managing a employee who is not meeting the expected level of performance due to their skill or competency level.

At HR4Business we often have employers contacting the office for support in managing poor employee performance with one common denominator, bad behaviours and attitude toward other employees and at times external parties however, a high performing employee on all other accounts.

Good, great or exceptional performance is not an excuse for poor workplace behaviours. If left to continue, the risk of  complaint escalates including those related to bullying. These type of scenarios are very manageable by using  structure approach which mitigates risk for the employer.

If your workplace is experiencing an issue with poor workplace behaviours which is proving difficult to manage, contact on of the Senior HR Consultants at HR4Business on 03 5222 6695.