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Workplace Mediation Services Colac

August 20, 2020

HR4Business offers a range of meditation services aimed at assisting our clients to resolve long term and recently evolving issues between employees and between employees and their respective manager or supervisor. Our experience tells us that often individuals do not reflect as well as they could have regarding the status of a workplace relationship and...

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Outplacement Services Geelong

July 7, 2020

HR4Business offers a range of affordable and contemporary outplacement services for employers across Geelong and Regional Victoria.  Although we offer a range of packages with specific services aimed at assisting the individual to secure alternative employment, our approach is to tailor the services to ensure maximum value. Be it interview skills and techniques, setting up...

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HR Services Restructure Geelong

June 7, 2020

When embarking on an organisational restructure, no matter the size of an employer, it is imperative the process is undertaken in a manner which is compliant with the Consultation provisions of any applicable Modern Award. At HR4Business, irrespective of Modern Award coverage, we highly recommend the steps to enacting a restructure are consistent with consultation...

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HR Compliance Audit Geelong

May 13, 2020

Under the banner of our compliance services, HR4Business offers comprehensive HR and Payroll Audit services for clients in order to determine if any risk and exposure is evident. Non compliance may result from incorrect Award determination or classification and therefore, incorrect wages are paid to employees. Determining the Modern Award which covers an employer and...

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HR Solutions Geelong

October 15, 2019

At HR4Business we provide prompt, professional and accurate HR Solutions to suit our clients’ needs.  Providing HR Solutions is the core of what we do at HR4Business and the key to our success is the significant and varied knowledge base of our HR Consultants. The teams experience spans across many sectors including industrial, professional services,...

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Human Resources Consulting Services Warrnambool

August 22, 2019

Understanding and keeping up with current HR legislation is very difficult for employers and even more so practically applying legislative changes to workplace situations.  HR4Business offers clients a range of Human Resources Consulting Services on a one off, casual or ongoing outsourced basis. Services include regular award updates and interpretation via email, support and advice...

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Geelong workplace mediation and investigation services

Workplace Mediation and Investigation Services Warrnambool

May 3, 2019

HR4Business offers confidential and comprehensive workplace mediation and investigation services to clients across South West Victoria including Warrnambool, Hamilton and Portland. Our approach is detailed and is undertaken by experienced investigators. It is highly recommended Employers outsource management of a formal complaint / investigation or mediation where a conflict or perceived conflict occurs by the...

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Appropriate Workplace Behaviours Training Geelong

April 20, 2019

Employers have an obligation to provide a safe workplace for employees, workers and all other parties employees interact with. In the event an issue is raised regarding discrimination, harassment and bullying and an investigation results, it is essential an employer can demonstrate adequate policies are in place and training of employees has occurred in Appropriate...

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Onsite HR Support Geelong

November 25, 2018

HR4Business has a flexible approach to servicing our client as our scope of services includes that we can be located at our client’s premises at certain periods of time. This may be 1 day a week a fortnight or month or as required by our client.  Being onsite allows our client and their employees to...

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Employee Culture and Satisfaction Survey Geelong

October 31, 2018

At Hr4Business we deliver optional services in conducting Workplace and Employee Culture and Satisfaction Surveys to our clients in Geelong and regional Victoria. Out approach is simple, we design the survey to suit out client’s needs, it is conducted online and can take as little or as long as our requires to complete. The data...

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