Human Resources Compliance Audit Geelong

A comprehensive HR Compliance Audit ensures your business ticks all the boxes in terms of people management compliance.

At HR4Business, we conduct indepth HR Compliance Audits, which go beyond simply checking what you have in place. They identify actions to minimise your exposure and risk.

Ask yourself if your Annual Leave Policy, Parental Leave Policy and Grievance and Complaints Policy and Procedures are relevant and in line with current regulations. How do you respond to employee issues around Flexible Work Arrangements, Redundancy or Disciplinary and Performance Management?

A HR4Business HR Compliance Geelong Audit will identify the gaps in your policies and procedures and direct you to the actions that will help protect your business and your people … and let you approach HR compliance with confidence.

We created our HR Compliance Policy Package to assist businesses just like yours to put together the necessary documentation and policies to tick all the boxes for Human Resources Compliance Geelong.

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