Psychometric Testing

HR4Business, HR Consultants Geelong offer pre-employment testing and Psychometric Assessments which provide an objective method of screening candidates and determining the suitability of an applicant for a position during a recruitment campaign. Psychometric assessments enable employers to gain a deeper insight into a candidate’s skills and abilities and reduce your costs by making better hiring decisions.

Pre-employment testing allows you to:

  • Compare candidates’ mental aptitude and cognitive abilities;
  • Predicts candidates behavioural style and associated characteristics.
  • Predict candidates’ ability to learn quickly and think on abstract and conceptual levels;
  • Predict candidates’ performance on a wide variety of job tasks;
  • Determine whether candidates have the right personality fit for a position;
  • Assess candidates’ customer service aptitude; and
  • Predict candidates’ future sales performance.

HR4Business offers high quality employment testing services, using reputable assessment tools including:

  • DISC Behavioural Profiling
  • Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator Profiling
  • Work Personality Index
  • Aptitude Testing – Verbal, Numerical, Abstract and Mechanical Reasoning
  • Customer Service/Sales Profiling

HR4Business offers psychometric tests in a number of other areas such as career, leadership and organisational development using the following psychometric tests:

  • Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Sigma Radius 360 Feedback
  • Employment Engagement Assessment
  • Occupational Stress Inventory
  • Team Climate Inventory

The above list is not exhaustive. There are many other Psychometric Assessments available which may be administered by our qualified and accredited staff.

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