HR and Award Compliance Audit Geelong

October 31, 2022

Compliance with the Fair Work Act 2009 is essential and critical regardless of the size of an employer or the industry the employer operates within. Therefore, paying the correct wages to employees and applying matters such as leave provisions correctly is a function an employer doesn’t want to get wrong.

Wage theft laws came into effect on 1 July 2021 and therefore an its a crime not to pay employees properly and in line with the relevant industrial instrument.

At HR4Business we are very skilled at determining award coverage and assisting our clients to ensure they are pay employees in line with the terms of the applicableĀ  Award and including any contractual matters such as those prescribed under the Clerks Private Sector Award 2020.

Our team at skilled at conducting a HR and Award Compliance Audit and identify non compliance and determining appropriate mechanisms to rectify issues incluidng calcuation of backpayment of wages where due.

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