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July 31, 2015

Enterprise Agreement Negotiations – Industrial Relations Consultant Geelong

For most companies the process around negotiating an enterprise agreement is quite foreign.  From an industrial relations professional perspective the process is very timely and detailed as an enterprise agreement must be prepared and structured in line with the Fair Work Act 2009.  In addition, there are a number of other aspects of the process which must be undertaken in line with the Fair Work Act 2009 including maintaining the principals of Good Faith Bargaining, informing employees covered by the agreement how the new agreement affects them and completion of the relevant forms to be lodged with the agreement once the vote is taken.

At HR4Business our experienced HR and IR Consultants may be engaged to act as a Bargaining Representative for employers during the negotiation process. This approach allows us to support and advise the employer along the way whilst ensuring all claims and agreed provisions are allowable and in line with legislation including the relevant Modern Award.  To find out more about the range of services offered by HR4Business associated with enterprise agreement negotiations, contact us on 5222 6695 or visit our website