Workplace Mediation and Investigation Services Warrnambool

July 15, 2017

Managing people issues don’t discriminate by industry and are is always a challenge for an employer irrespective of the size of the business. ¬†Adding to this where an employer takes on a contentious issue to resolve themselves at times it is very hard to be non-biased and even where this is manageable employees may not perceive it as such.

HR4Business Consultants are experienced in managing complaints and undertake a thorough and detailed investigation process. Our expertise covers investigations across bullying, discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment.

Likewise where the matter is a grievance or breakdown in the working relationship between two employees, we can assist to re-engage the parties and develop a suitable and sustainable path to rebuilding the relationship.

For support and assistance in managing workplace issues, complaints, grievances and relationship issues, contact HR4Business on 03 5222 6695.

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