HR Compliance Audit Colac

August 24, 2017

Many of our valued clients engage HR4Business in the first instance to conduct  HR Compliance Audit. It may be that an employee has raised a concern about their provisions or entitlements or the employer is unsure as to whether or not they are meeting all the minimum obligations of the Fair Work Act 2009, National Employment Standards and relevant Modern Award (where applicable). As part of the HR Compliance Audit services offered by HR4Business, we analyse the employers approach to payment of wages, leave accruals, ascertain the relevant Modern Award minimum conditions and we review the client’s contracts of employment and HR Policies and Procedures. The process is comprehensive and results in a report outlining matters of compliance, non-compliance and recommendations in order to mitigate any apparent risk.

At HR4Business our Consultants are experienced and qualified professionals with practical experience operating at a senior level in business.  For information pertaining to HR4Business HR Compliance Audit Services, contact us on 03 5222 6695 or visit our website