HR Services Restructure Geelong

June 7, 2020

When embarking on an organisational restructure, no matter the size of an employer, it is imperative the process is undertaken in a manner which is compliant with the Consultation provisions of any applicable Modern Award. At HR4Business, irrespective of Modern Award coverage, we highly recommend the steps to enacting a restructure are consistent with consultation process which ensures affected employees have the opportunity to provide feedback which may avert the impact.

Restructuring is not an easy task and particularly at the present time can be fraught with emotion as employers are forced to let go of employees, some very loyal and long term. HR4Business is skilled and experienced at assisting and supporting employers with planning, implementing and enacting all aspects of organisational restructure and downsizing. We are often asked to participate in meetings to provide immediate responses to employees questions.

For assistance and advice contact one of our Senior HR Consultant on 03 5222 6695 or visit our website for further information.