Colac Industrial Relations Consultant

January 13, 2014

National minimum wage and conditions of fair pay Industrial Relations covers the national minimum wage and conditions of fair pay. Businesses are expected to comply with these standards and employees can take appropriate action if they are mistreated – in many cases though a business that doens’t comply with Fair Work standards will have trouble...

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HR Consultant Ballarat

December 30, 2013

New avenue for employees to lodge a Bullying Complaint fast approaching Effective 1st January 2014 employees may make a bullying claim via the Fair Work Commission. HR4Business recommends employers take action to minimise the risk of a successful bullying complaint. Proactive measures include: Ensure employees are aware of behavioural expectations; Ensure employees and people managers are...

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HR Consultant Geelong

December 11, 2013

Performance Management – Effective and Efficient Employees Are you responsible for the management and supervision of staff in the workplace? HR4Business acknowledges this is a difficult and at times a challenging task in itself and where staff performance doesn’t go according to plan, the situation often gets worse.  This is why effective Performance Management is essential...

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IR Consultant Ballarat

December 1, 2013

The National Employment Standards Industrial relations covers awards and conditions, employers and workplace conditions. At HR4Business, we help employers to understand and carry out their responsibilities, as well as educating employees about their requirements and entitlements. Our IR Consultant’s service a wide range of towns across the region including Ballarat. It is about protecting the...

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HR Consultant Ballarat

November 13, 2013

Performance Management – Dealing with Underperformance Underperformance should be dealt with promptly and appropriately by an employer, as employees are often unaware they are not performing well and so are unlikely to change their performance.  Best practice employers understand that issues that are not addressed promptly also have the potential to become more serious over...

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Take notice of Compliance Notices

November 6, 2013

Employers are being reminded of the need to take prompt action when issued with a Compliance Notice from the Fair Work Ombudsman, requiring them to back-pay underpaid employees. The Fair Work Ombudsman identifies more than $20 million in underpayments at thousands of Australian businesses each year. The large majority of these cases are resolved through...

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HR Consultancy Geelong

November 1, 2013

Why are payroll audits important? Paying staff is a major cost of running your business – therefore ensuring the process is running correctly and smoothly is of utmost importance to ensure the ongoing success of your business. Your staff also trust in you to pay them correctly and keep accurate records – it’s an important...

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Ballarat HR Consultancy

October 10, 2013

Caring for the culture of your organisation We provide professional HR consulting services to Geelong and surrounding areas including Ballarat. Managing people – it’s a constant task that requires professional advice and expertise. We can deliver that advice and expertise to help you manage the people in your business. How the people in your business...

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HR Professionals Network Breakfast Colac

October 9, 2013

HR4Business held it’s first HR Professionals Network Breakfast in Colac! Sue delivered a presentation on Effective Management of Employee Performance. Stay tuned for further events for Colac in 2014!!

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2014 Changes to Apprentice Pay

October 2, 2013

On 22 August, 2013 the Fair Work Commission made a decision to increase apprentice pay rates under a number of modern awards. The changes will start from 1 January 2014, and some will be phased in over 2 years. What are the changes? 1st and 2nd year pay rates for new apprentices will begin to increase...

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